Yoast News Seo Premium For WordPress Plugin

Yoast News Seo Wordpress
Yoast News Seo Premium For WordPress Plugin
  •    VERSION:   12.6
  •    Last update:   19 August 2020
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Yoast News Seo For WordPress Plugin

Optimize your site for Google News. Immediately pings Google on the publication of a new post. Creates XML News Sitemaps.

The News SEO plugin for the Yoast SEO plugin helps you do all the things that allow you to optimize your site for Google News. It creates XML News Sitemaps, editors’ picks RSS feeds and allows for use of the standout tag and the meta news keywords tag as well as helping you optimize some of the more advanced XML News sitemap options like stock tickers. While this plugin won’t submit your site to Google News for you, it will help you optimize your site to appear as often and in the best way possible in Google News and in the universal search results.

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