Yith Woocommerce Checkout Manager

Yith Woocommerce Checkout Manager
Yith Woocommerce Checkout Manager
  •    VERSION:   1.4.0
  •    Last update:   20 August 2020
  •   Tags   Woocommerce     Yith  
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YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager

Now it’s possible to customize your checkout page in less than 5 minutes!

With YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager, you could add or remove fields, both text and check box, date picker, select and radio button in an easy way. Furthermore, you could set a different style for data insertion fields, manage error messages and change their disposition.

With a few clicks, you will have an essential tool to improve your checkout page with outstanding performance.


  • Customize the shipping, billing and additional notes fields
  • Create custom fields of different kinds, such as text or multiple choice
  • Choose colors, labels and the tooltip you wish to display for the checkout fields
  • Enable Javascript Field Validation in order to display mandatory fields
  • Using the Drag & Drop system you can move the fields wherever you want
  • Choose whether you want the checkout to be arranged in a single row rather then two (as set by default on WooCommerce)

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