Yith Easy Login & Register Popup For Woocommerce

Yith Easy Login & Register Popup For Woocommerce
Yith Easy Login & Register Popup For Woocommerce
Yith Easy Login & Register Popup For Woocommerce
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  •   Last update: 08-10-2020
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Yith Easy Login & Register Popup For Woocommerce

Reduce cart and checkout abandonment with an effective and easy to use Register/Login solution.

30% of the users abandon the checkout process because of a too complex registration or login process, complex because they’re asked to enter too many details or because it has a poorly usable interface.

If users have to log in but they don’t remember the account password, things become even worse: they will have to leave the checkout to reset the password and click on a link they get in their inbox and, once they’ve set a new password, they will have to go back to the cart and start again with the purchase.

YITH Easy Login & Register Popup For WooCommerce allows making all this much easier: login (social login is included), registration and password recovery (with an Amazon-inspired process). You can now offer your customers a more positive purchase experience.

  • A modern and usable modal window that you can customize as you wish

Modal window size, background color, texts, icons: with few clicks, you can customize the interface and adjust it to your e-commerce shop layout.

  • Allow your customers to save time and sign up using a social profile

Make the purchase process easier and faster thanks to the integration of Facebook and Google login.

  • An Amazon-inspired password recovery procedure to reduce cart abandonment

If users forget their password, with just one click, they will be able to receive a code, set up a new password through the modal window they are in, and then complete the purchase. A simple and user-friendly procedure that can dramatically drop the cart abandonment rate in your shop.

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