WooCommerce PsiGate Gateway

WooCommerce PsiGate Gateway
WooCommerce PsiGate Gateway
  •    VERSION:   1.6.1
  •    Last update:   21 June 2020
  •   Tags   Woocommerce Extensions  
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WooCommerce PsiGate Gateway


  • A valid SSL certificate is strongly recommended, in order to protect the customers sensitive information.

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PsiGate payment gateway for WooCommerce

PsiGate gives you the chance to take advantage of a secure payment system and accept credit cards directly from your checkout page. The customer will never leave your store, he will enter his credit card details and within seconds will be presented with a “Thank You” page on successful payment, and a “Transaction Failed” message on a failed payment.

PsiGate gateway processes and updates the order in real-time, noting and saving the payment appropriate references. The credit card information of the customer is never stored in your database.

PsiGate gateway can process Sale and Authorization type of transactions in Canadian and US dollars.

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