Thrive Themes Minus Theme

Thrive Themes Minus Theme
Thrive Themes Minus Theme
  •    VERSION:   1.501
  •    Last update:   4 September 2020
  •   Tags   Creative     Thrive Themes  
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Thrive Themes Minus Theme

The first thing you’ll notice about the Minus theme is the strikingly minimal design. Most pages are carefully composed with typography, white space and very little else. This minimal design makes the theme highly adaptable to almost any purpose and any brand (especially when you start using our theme customization options).

However, don’t be fooled by the “less is more” approach we took to the visuals of this theme: under the hood, Minus packs the full range of multi-purpose features you’ve come to expect from Thrive Themes. From detailed theme and post/page level options to lead generation features built right into the theme, Minus is equipped with everything you need to get more subscribers, sell more products and dazzle with better content.

Give the Minus theme a try and you’ll find a highly flexible theme with a clean and professional design.

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