Thrive Themes Luxe Theme

Thrive Themes Luxe Theme
Thrive Themes Luxe Theme
  •    VERSION:   1.501
  •    Last update:   4 September 2020
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Thrive Themes Luxe Theme

Luxe is a theme that is all about stripping away the distractions and the unessential, and keeping only what truly matters for making your site beautiful and functional.

A minimal design style with subtle highlights and typography that has been optimized for readability make for a design that looks good without seeming like it's trying too hard. But it's not just about looks: the theme is designed to put your content front and center and improve your visitor's reading experience on your site.

In addition, you also get a full suite of conversion-focused features such as integration with autoresponder services, so you can grow your list, the ability to show targeted opt-in forms and calls to action and much more.​

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