Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On

Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On
Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On
  •    VERSION:   1.4
  •    Last update:   12 September 2020
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Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On

Webhooks allows you to trigger a callback event with Gravity Forms to notify 3rd party services when a Gravity Forms is submitted. Easily pass Gravity Forms data to a Webhook URL for data processing or integration purposes.

  • Seamless Integration
    Easily add Webhooks to a Gravity Form and configure what data is passed to the callback URL.
  • Request Methods
    Configure Webhooks to utilize GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, or DELETE as the Request Method.
  • Request Formats
    Pass data to the Request URL as JSON or a FORM.
  • Custom Headers and Data
    Configure custom request headers and configure only the data you want to pass to the Webhook.
  • Conditional Logic
    Use Gravity Forms built-in Conditional Logic to only trigger Webhooks when you want to!

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