Gravity Forms Survey Add-On

Gravity Forms Survey Add-On
Gravity Forms Survey Add-On
  •    VERSION:   3.5.1
  •    Last update:   11 September 2020
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Gravity Forms Survey Add-On

Market research, customer satisfaction, employee surveys, job satisfaction surveys, anything is possible!

Seamless Integration
Quickly integrate a survey on ANY Gravity Forms powered form.
Easy To Use
Implementing a survey is as simple as adding Survey Fields to your form and configuring the available Survey Field settings to your liking.
Survey Results
View aggregate survey results and filter the data to suit your needs.
User Interaction
Engage and interact with your site visitors.
Gravity Forms Powered
Limiting after a certain date or number of surveys… it’s no different than creating any form in Gravity Forms!
System Requirements
The Gravity Forms Survey Add-On requires Gravity Forms v1.7+ and WordPress v3.5+.

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