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EventON - Event Tickets
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EventON - Event Tickets
EventON - Event Tickets
  •   Version:  1.8.7
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  •   Update:  27/10/2020
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EventON - Event Tickets

Are you looking to sell tickets for your events with eventON? Event Tickets powered by Woocommerce is the ultimate solution for your ticket sales need. Stop paying percentage of your ticket sales and try event tickets addon!


Tickets addon for eventON powered by woocommerce allow you to sell tickets for your events. This addon offer great customization to meet your needs such as variable prices, guest list for event, additional ticket holders for event, sold tickets individually, receive customer inquiries before buying and various other amazing features.

Overview on EventCard

Tickets addon for eventon displays it’s information seamlessly in the eventCard. Information on eventCard consist of interactive ticket quantity selectors, inquire before buy forms and embedded image next to ticket selection.

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