WooCommerce Quick Checkout by Instantio

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WooCommerce Quick Checkout by Instantio

Say Goodbye to Cart Abandonment with Instantio’s Instant Checkout Process

Instantio (Formerly WooInstant) reduces your Cart Abandonment rate by minimizing the steps of WooCommerce Checkout process. With it’s floating cart icon, it converts multistep checkout into WooCommerce Same Page Instant Checkout. The Whole WooCommerce checkout process would take only 10-15 seconds. Yes, you heard it right! Only 10-15 Seconds! All your customer has to do is “Add to Cart”, a popup/cart drawer will appear with the cart view. Your customer can Direct Checkout WooCommerce based store and order from that single window!. No Page Reload whatsoever! As the steps are reduced, checkout takes less time, which leads to less cart abandonment rate and boosts your sales on WooCommerce.

Features of Pro Version

You will get more features and advantages on the pro version. Here are the features of the Pro Version:

Preview Styles

Instantio (Pro) comes up with 5 Additional Preview Styles:

Same Page Instant Checkout

Instantio Pro has an unique Same Page Checkout process which allows customer to Checkout and Order Product Instantly from Same Page. With this plugin, the Whole WooCommerce checkout process would be reduced to only 10-15 seconds.

No Page Reload

There will be No Page Reload! A cart drawer will appear on the same page. Customers will enjoy a Hassle-Free Instant One Page Checkout Process.

Multiple Preview Styles

Instantio Pro has 2 different Preview Styles. Customer will checkout from Single Window in both cases but you can set the option whether the checkout process should be Multi-step or Single Step. Just go the link, add a product to cart, you can see the difference.

Customizable Cart Icon

The cart icon can be customized and changed based on your needs. You can upload your own custom cart icon.

Ajax Side Cart / Floating Cart / Sticky Cart

Instantio Pro offers a side cart / Floating Cart which lets users access cart items from anywhere on your site. When a visitor adds a product to the cart, Instantio’s off-canvas cart page slides in to provide a one-click & express checkout system for WooCommerce. A visitor can easily add or remove product quantity in the side cart.

Other Features:

  • All Free Features
  • Go to Cart/Checkout Option: You can select where will your customer land after “Add to Cart”.
  • Option Panel: Instantio has built in easy-to-use option panel. You can add or remove any options from this panel.
  • Language Support: Dashboard is now available 7 languages: Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian & Spanish.
  • Edit WooCommerce Checkout page: You can Edit WooCommerce Checkout page to convert into WooCommerce quick checkout or WooCommerce one click checkout.

Want to use Instantio on your WordPress Theme?

As you already understood, this WooCommerce express checkout plugin can be pretty handy for your eCommerce-focused themes. It can easily convert your boring checkout process into WooCommerce Simple checkout process. So, If you want to use Instantio on your WordPress Theme and sell it on the marketplace, please buy an Extended License. You can use one extended license for One Theme only!


Backend Login

Want to check the backend options and how Instantio Works Please use the credentials below:


Username: Demo
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