WooCommerce Chained Products

in on 17/08/2021
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WooCommerce Chained Products

When someone buys a main product, they get all chained products automatically. Chained Products is your WooCommerce plugin to create pre-configured, discounted, automatic product bundles, forced sells, giveaways, and combos.

Thousands of people use it every day and consistently give it 5-star reviews

We have all picked up discounted bundles of products when we go shopping. Even when we didn t really need them; we have bought bigger quantities or multi-product bundles.

Offering a bundle of your products at a lucrative discount is one of the easiest methods to grow sales research has proven this across a variety of businesses physical products, digital downloads or memberships.

Most Loved Features

Chained Products does one thing, and it does it really really well. Here is what you can do with it.

  • Buy X, Get A, B, C, D : Chain multiple products or additional quantities easily. When the main product is added to the cart, all the linked products will be added to cart automatically. So yes, you can create Buy One, Get X or Beginner Bundle or Everything for a Weekend trip kind of products easily.
  • Individual Inventory Management: Inventories are managed at individual products that are chained. So no need to manage stock at main product level.
  • No Configuration For Customer: These are pre-configured product bundles. Customers can t pick variation options or change bundle configuration. Makes it much easier for them.
  • Auto update chained products in past orders: When you update linked products in the main product, Chained Products can automatically add/remove products from historical orders. Works great for memberships and digital downloads.
  • High performance: Chained Products does not slow down your site or checkout process. Some of the largest WooCommerce stores use it, and you too can rely on its quality.
  • Easy to use: It s super intuitive. Store admins and junior staff can easily create bundles using Chained Products without needing developer assistance.
  • Genuine, Compatible, Regular Updates: You re getting 100% genuine and original plugin when you buy today. We keep improving it regularly. No risks here!

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