Newsletter API Version 2 Addon

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API Version 2 Addon

In this page you’ll find a guide through our API Version 2 by use cases. We try to answer the most common questions on how to integrate external systems with the Newsletter plugin using our REST API 2. The REST API 1 are still active and supported but they’re less complete and flexible, so we suggest to migrate as soon as you have the opportunity to review your integration.

API Reference

You can look at the full API reference documentation to get every detail.


Most API calls need an authentication key to be invoked.

I want to add a subscriber to my blog when it is added to my CRM (or similar tool)

For this task, you should use the subscribers endpoint with the POST method. It accepts a JSON object in the request body containing the subscriber data (the email address is the only required field). You can even set privare lists and private profile fields.

This method requires an authentication key to be called and must never be used from a public client but only for server-to-server data exchange.

This method does only simple data cleanup and usually ends with an error only if the email address is not valid. No spam check is made since it is assumed the data provider by your other system is already correct.

This endpoint returns an error if the subscriber is already present without changing it. So you can use it only to add new subscribers.

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