Happy Elementor Addons Pro 2.1.0 + 3.1.0

in , on 26/08/2021
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Happy Elementor Addons Pro

Powerful additions to the built-in motion effects section

HappyAddons brings you some powerful features to the built-in motion effects section that helps you to animate and rotate objects on their x axis, y axis, and z axis like never seen before, and brings lovely effects to help your websites stand out from others.


Select any pre-made design sets to customize and compare among different appearances possible for a happy widget. Just click on the presets from the drop-down menu and see the magic.

Cross Domain Copy Paste

Working on multiple websites Easily copy anything from one site and paste them to others on different domains to save yourself from repetitive work. How cool is that

Section Nesting

Don t you wish to use multiple sections at the same time in Elementor With HappyAddons, now you can. Create as many sections as you want and organize your elements more effectively.

Live Copy

There is a common complaint, it s impossible to make the exact demo-like design on a personal website. Well, this won t be the case anymore. With the LiveCopy now you can copy any design from HappyAddons Demo site to your site. The magic is you will be able to copy from frontend to elementor edit panel. Isn t it amazing

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    2.1.0 + 3.1.0

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