Gravity Forms Color Picker

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Gravity Forms Color Picker

Add colour swatches to radio, checkboxes and single line text fields

We ve built our Gravity Forms Color Picker add-on off the back of our popular Image Choices add-on for Gravity Forms. Our Color Picker add-on works straight out of the box and works in the same manner that Image Choices does. Simply tick on the use colors option when you add any checkbox or radio based field. Gravity Forms Color Picker supports radio fields, checkbox fields and single text line fields.

Bring your forms to life

Gravity Forms Color Picker add-on lets you bring a whole new life of colour to your forms. Let users select from a pre-defined set of swatches you make available or even let your users select a custom hex value from the colour picker.

Colors in gravity Forms like never before

With Gravity Forms Color Picker you can present color options like never before to your users online. Perfect for customers that sell creative artwork online, physical products or even digital goods, Gravity Forms Color Picker will give you the ability to showcase color options to your users in a premium way.

Let your users pick custom colors

Gravity Forms Color Picker add-on lets you add the ability to select from color swatches using either radio or checkbox fields. If using the radio or checkbox fields, just tick on the other option and you ll get a color picker swatch made available to let your users choose the color they want.

Show swatches in admin entries & email notifications

The Color Picker add-on allows you to decide how you want your form entries to be showcased. You can default to the normal Gravity Forms text-based values or decide to show your user entries as color swatches, within the admin entries screen. It s your choice, for each field.

Use selected colors in your form or theme styling

Want to change the look of your website, text, graphics, or artwork demo We ve made it easy to use your users selected color from the form, and apply it to many styling options instantly on your website. Check out more demos over on the JetSloth Labs.

Compatible with JetSloth s Image Choices & Collapsible Sections

We ve made sure Gravity Forms Color Picker works effortlessly out of the box with customers already using our popular Image Choices and Collapsible Sections plugins. Continue using our suite of plugins but enhance your form experience by adding color options to the mix. Gravity Forms Colour Picker add-on is compatible with and tested with the latest version of Image Choices 1.2.5 + and Collapsible Sections 1.0.13 +.

Color picker using single line text field

In addition to working great with radio & checkbox fields, our Gravity Forms Color Picker add-on lets you turn your single line text fields into a color picker popup, that your users can select a custom color from. With a bunch of great pre-bundle front end styles to chose from, you can have a great looking color picker added to your form within minutes, and no code needed.

New included CSS styles

With the successful launch of our Image Choices and Collapsible Sections addon for Gravity Forms, we quickly learnt that our customers love our example CSS styles and we ve had a lot of great feedback. We also know that some of our users weren t super confident with editing or playing with CSS updates.

With this in mind, our Gravity Forms Colour Picker add-on includes a number of great styles embedded into the plugin itself, so no more editing CSS in your WordPress theme or settings panel. Want to see what styles we re including Easy, just scroll around on this page, all the examples of this page are bundled into the plugin by default.

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