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EventON Events Map

in , on 06/11/2021
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EventON Events Map

With custom map markers and info windows, the Map addon will help showcase all your events on one map. If you have a multitude of map markers for one location, create a cluster to display a neatly organized map. In addition, the map will auto pan to events for a user friendly experience.

Marker Locations

Display map markers for all event locations. Choose a generic marker or customize your own marker to display the number of events at that location.

Info Window

A handy lightbox indicating the event location and number of events at that location will appear when the map marker is clicked.

Auto Pan on Location

Hovering over a marker, will auto pan the map focusing on that location for easy viewing.

Map Clusters

Cluster a multitude of events with near by locations to make the map look clean and concise. Clicking on each cluster will allow users to view the individual markers.

Lightbox Events

Display events from each marker location as a full screen lightbox over the map.

All Events on Load

If you choose, display all your map events below the map when the page loads.

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