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Advanced Ads Sticky Ads

in , on 27/09/2021
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Advanced Ads – Sticky Ads

Sticky Ads lets you place and emphasize your ads inside and outside of your website s layout. With Sticky Ads you can create anchor ads, that are always visible in a browser window. With the Sticky Ads add-on, you can display ads that don t scroll with the screen. You can choose various positions and also shape and style those sticky ads with various parameters and effects.

The Sticky Ads add-on of Advanced Ads offers new Placements for your ads. By anchoring them on the top, bottom, left or right side of your website, you can display your ads on prominent positions in the browser. You can set the time, the ads should be displayed, add effects like fade and slide and of course you can also add a close button to your ads.


General Features

  • position ads that don t scroll with the screen (sticky ads)
  • built anchor ads most common for mobile apps
  • add a background color for header and footer bars
  • allow users to close sticky placements for a specific time
  • center side ads vertically
  • set delay in seconds after which the ad should show up
  • display with effects (show, fade, slide)


  • header bar placement
  • footer bar placement
  • sidebar ads attached to the main wrapper placement
  • sidebar ads attached to the window placement
  • make ads sticky to the screen or let them be scrolled away
  • add a background color for header and footer bars
  • support and updates for 1 year, unlimited usage afterward

Sticky Ads works with the cache-busting feature in Advanced Ads Pro on cached websites.

Use the browser width condition in the Responsive Ads add-on to disable large sticky ads on small devices.

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